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Automotive Metal Fabrication

Nowadays, the development of automotive market is changing with each passing day, and its demand for precision components is indispensable. RFS has devoted itself to meeting this demand, establishing a preeminent image of component supplier and accumulating rich manufacturing experience in the field of automotive metal fabrication.

We have a professional team, knowledge and ability to customize automotive metal manufacturing from design to finished products. Through systematic and precise sheet metal processing services and CNC processing services, we can meet the production requirements of the automobile industry for high-precision and high-quality components.

Outstanding Automotive Metal Machining Capability

RFS provides comprehensive custom automotive metal manufacturing services. Its superior sheet metal processing and CNC processing capabilities can help meet your requirements for production quality, efficiency and cost.

Our automotive metal fabrication services comprehensively including:

Under the operation of professional engineers, it can ensure the rapid, efficient and accurate production of required automobile parts.

Our advanced and professional manufacturing equipment is indispensable for the transformation of custom automotive sheet metal parts from design to finished products.

CNC Machining: CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine, CNC punching machine.

Sheet Metal Fabrication: laser cutting, water jet cutting, plasma cutting, metal forming, metal rolling, metal sawing, MIG and TIG welding.

The professional operation team and advanced equipment enable us to achieve strict tolerance of auto parts. The sheet thickness can be processed to a minimum of 0.02 and a maximum of 0.05; the general manufacturing tolerance is ±.005, and the difference between different formed parts is ±.002.

Automotive Metal Fabrication Applications

We provide all-round custom automotive metal fabrication services for your unique applications, and manufacture various parts for you to help the project succeed.

The main components:

  • Custom body parts.
  • Steering wheel components.
  • Seat components, brake components.
  • Engine-related components and many other performance parts.

Metal Surface Finishing For Auto Parts

Fabrication Materials

stainless steel

carbon steel






cold rolled steel

Why Automotive Fabrication Industries Around The World Choose Us

1.Rich Manufacturing Experience

We have been focusing on custom automotive metal fabrication for more than 15 years and have accumulated rich project experience.

2.Short Lead Time

Our large and comprehensive production line manufactures parts fast and efficiently, delivering them in as little as a week.

3.Quality Assurance

With the ISO 9001:2015 certified factory, we can ensure to meet the meticulous quality requirements for customers.

4.No MOQ

We never set the minimum order quantity and take every automotive sheet metal fabrication project seriously.