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Food and Beverage Metal Fabrication

In order to meet the huge market demand, the food and beverage industry must select high-quality production and processing equipment to achieve rapid and efficient production to improve economic benefit. As a leading food and beverage equipment manufacturer, RFS has accumulated more than 15 years of project experience, and is committed to providing various sheet metal manufacturing service solutions and high-precision metal parts for this industry through our advanced technology and manufacturing equipment, one-stop service and strict quality control.

Custom Food and Beverage Metal Components

RFS can precisely fabricate various custom food and beverage metal components for clients. Typical products we manufacture involves: stainless steel brackets, handles, countertops, kitchen components, serving trays, safety fences, sheet metal enclosures, laser displays, gravity conveyor, and more.

Core Capabilities of Food and Beverage Metal Fabrication

RFS stands out among a number of food and beverage equipment manufacturers with its excellent metal fabrication services, advanced machining equipment and high-quality output. Through CNC lathes, fiber laser cutting systems, CNC drilling-milling machines, metal bending machines, metal stamping dies, spot welding machines and other precision equipment, we realize the core manufacturing capabilities are as follows:

Metal Fabrication Services:

Shearing, punching, drilling, machining, folding, bending, tungsten inert gas or TIG welding, heat treating, sandblasting, metal stamping, laser cutting, water jet cutting, metal finishing treatment and more.

With an experienced team, advanced manufacturing equipment, professional technology and knowledge, we are able to produce precision food and beverage metal parts with a general tolerance of ±0.005 ” and ±0.002 ” between different featured parts. Furthermore, RFS’s quality management system has been certificated ISO 9001:2015, which can ensure that the components meet strict standards.

Food and Beverage Metal Fabrication Materials

We insist on selecting the highest quality materials for your food and beverage metal fabrication projects. Commonly used materials include:stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, alloys that meet production requirements, and other food-grade materials, etc.

The Related Supporting Services

In order to improve the quality, appearance and service life of metal parts for food and beverage, we also provide customers with many related supporting services for the post-processing of metal parts, which will save your time and additional costs and better meet your application needs.

Why Food and Beverage Metal Fabrication Industries Work with Us

ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

Comprehensive quality inspection system.

Advanced machining equipment and wide-ranged raw materials.

All-round finishing treatment methods.

Efficient fabrication and fast delivery.