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Metal Bending

Custom sheet metal bending services can effectively make sheet metal parts into the bending angle and shape required by the project. RFS has been engaged in metal bending for more than 15 years. Our experienced engineers can quickly and accurately complete various levels of metal bending for your projects through advanced metal bending machines. Our ISO-certified quality management system can guarantee the quality of sheet metal parts for you.

Metal Bending Process

Sheet metal bending is a process that involves using forces to change the shape of a sheet into the required shape with a specific angle. This usually results in a “V” or “U” shape of the part. The press brake is a tool for custom sheet metal bending through punches and dies.

Surface Treatment for Metal Bending Parts

In order to meet different project needs, we will improve the performance and appearance of the workpiece through surface treatment services. The main surface treatment methods provided are anodizing, powder coating, sandblasting metal plating, and so on.


powder coating

sandblasting metal plating


Metal Bending Capacities

Our Advantages of Metal Bending Service

High Metal Bending Quality

With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, our professional team can achieve smooth and clean bending surface and high bending accuracy in the process of metal bending to meet your project requirements.

Full Inspection

We strictly implement quality inspection procedures in each production process, from the detection of selected materials to the final inspection before shipment, we always ensure the highest standard of product quality for you.

On-time Delivery

Our Metal Bending service workshop is capable of a high degree of automation, enabling efficient production and on-time delivery even for mass production. Furthermore, we will specify the delivery time when quoting, and strictly guarantee on-time delivery.

One-stop Service

We are a comprehensive custom sheet metal fabrication company. You only need to provide technical drawings and specific specifications, and we can complete all the remaining production steps for you, such as metal cutting, bending, forming, welding, finishing, etc.

Metal Bending FAQs

  1. High precision of the parts.
  2. High degree of automation, highproductivity and output.
  3. Lowmold cost and the overall cost.
  4. Less post-processing.
  5. Less weight.
  6. Requires few tools.

The main bending technologies include bending and rolling. You may also see many variants, such as v-bending, u-bending, air bending, coining, bottoming, and so on.

The bending radius, hole to edge distance, bend to bend distance, the springback and the machining tolerance should be considered when using the bending equipment to process the parts. For more information, you can click here to talk with our professional engineers.

Almost every industry has a high demand for metal bending. Such as furniture industry, agriculture, medical industry, automotive industry, manufacturing industry, etc., RFS has the excellent ability to provide sheet metal bending services for any industry.

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