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CNC Routing

Cnc routing services

Zehan has been specialized in CNC routing services for decades. During these years, we has continuously provided the high-quality services for all walks of life around the world, and has always maintained a good reputation in this industry. Every year, we regularly invest and introduce advanced CNC routing machines and quality inspection machines.

 At the same time, we train and improve the expertise and skills of our professional team. We are determined to process parts for your projects efficiently and precisely with the most state-of-the-art equipment, the highest quality of CNC routing products, and the most comprehensive services.

What is Cnc Routing

CNC Routing is one of the typical and main advanced manufacturing processes. It is programmed by computer to control the movement path of the cutting tool to perform automatic process operations such as material processing, cutting, engraving, and shaping.

Benefits of Cnc Routing

1.Easy to Operate

CNC routing is very easy to operate, and operators can easily master the use of router with simple training.


CNC routing does not require technicians to complete the actual operation, so it can better protect the safety of operators during the processing.

3.High Precision

CNC routing is operated by computer program, which is more precise than manual operation, can minimize errors in the operation process, and guarantee strict tolerance of parts.

4.High Efficiency

CNC routing is a highly automated process, which is several times more efficient than manual operation. Because it not only can achieve highly accurate and repeatable operations, and run at a high speed, but also can save time and labor costs to achieve highly efficient mass production, creating huge benefits for parts processing.

Selection of raw materials

Our CNC routing services enable us to provide our clients with the machining of a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to: wood, plastic, foam, composites, and light metals such as aluminum.

Advantages of our services

Benefits of Cnc Routing

Our CNC routing services enable us to provide our clients with the machining of a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to: wood, plastic, foam, composites, and light metals such as aluminum.

One-stop Shop

We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive services. In addition to CNC routing, we also provide a variety of custom metal fabrication services, hoping to save your time, money and energy in processing the parts required for the project.

Professional Optimization Suggestions

Our technicians have rich experience in the field of CNC routing. They handle a large number of various projects yearly. Therefore, if you need, our team will provide you with the optimization scheme of product design.

Advanced Equipment

With top-notch equipments, our production line can greatly meet customers' requirements for product accuracy and production efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Zehan’s production line has certified by ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, there is a comprehensive quality inspection system to ensure the quality of the products we process for you.

Fast Turnover

The speed of CNC routing is very fast, so we will deliver high-quality products to you as soon as possible, usually in two to eight weeks.

Cnc Routing FAQ

Although they are very similar in concept, there is a key difference between them actually. The key difference is the type of materials they mainly process. CNC routing mainly processes lighter materials such as wood, plastic and some soft metals, while CNC milling is more suitable for processing heavier materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.

No matter what your order quantity is, we never set the minimum order quantity and treat every customer’s project demand equally. Don’t hesitate, we are the extraordinary supplier you need.

It’s very easy, you just need to upload your product design drawings and detailed technical specifications, and we will provide you with free quotation service within a few hours.

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