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Metal Forming

Forming Services

In the past few decades, Zehan has been constantly researching custom metal fabrication services, vigorously investing in a series of advanced manufacturing equipment, attaching great importance to the experience, skills and collaboration of professional teams, and striving to become a leading enterprise in this field. Every year, we provide customers around the world with all-round metal forming services. 

From the quick quotation service when you place an order to the metal forming service when your products are about to the completion, we always adhere to control parts quality strictly, provide accurate, beautiful and high-quality metal workpieces for your projects, and help you realize the perfect transformation of products from concept to forming.

What is forming

Forming process refers to metal forming process, which is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the field of custom metal manufacturing. It applies pressure to metal materials through specific manufacturing methods to shape them into the desired shape. 

This process can be completed by a variety of methods, such as roll forming, bending, extrusion, forging, etc. In this process, there is no need to add or subtract materials, only to complete the processing of the part by changing their own shape.

Benefits of forming

1.Little Waste of Raw Materials

The metal forming process has strong adaptability to various materials, can fully process metal materials, and has little damage to the workpiece during processing, which can save raw materials and reduce waste.

2.Wide Range of Materials

The forming process has a wide range of uses, and it is suitable for processing various types and shapes of materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and some materials with complex geometry.

3.High Efficiency

The metal forming process has a high degree of automation, high processing efficiency, fast operating speed, simple operation, and strong repeatability, which is very applicable for mass production.

4.Premium Forming Quality

The products made by the forming process are relatively solid and durable, and the requirements for both rough machining and finishing metal forming can be met.

Selection of raw materials

The metal forming process is suitable for manufacturing various metal parts. Commonly used metal materials include steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and many other materials.

Advantages of our services

Rich Experience

We have been specialized in metal forming business for decades, and have handled numerous projects for our clients. Our engineers are also highly experienced and skilled.

Subsequent Surface Treatment

We can also provide you with subsequent surface treatment processes of parts, such as anodization, powder coating, sand blasting, and other processes.

Meticulous Quality Inspection

In order to ensure the precision of products and exceed customer expectations, we not only strictly manufacture products according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, but also meticulously inspect the quality of workpieces throughout the whole production process.

All-round Machining

Metal forming services include various types of processes, and different metal materials are suitable for different forming processes, but we can provide you with a full range of forming services, such as bending and shearing processes for sheet metal forming, etc.

forming FAQ

There are several manufacturing processes for metal forming services, each of which is applicable to different metals. The commonly used forming processes include roll forming, press bake, stamping, forging, casting, etc.

We have rich project experience in the field of metal forming, and our production line has passed ISO 9001:2015. Our pieces of equipment are very cutting-edge and advanced, and our team is very powerful, they have full experience in handling projects, and they can also provide you with considerate services. The most important thing is that our products are highly accurate, the price is also very competitive, and cost-effective. These factors make our metal forming services stand out.

Our engineers have rich experience in metal forming services, and they will provide optimization suggestions to make your products have better effects and exceed your expectations.

After confirming the order, we will complete the processing of the product for you as soon as possible, and the delivery time is about five working days.

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