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Panel Roll Forming

Panel Roll Forming Services

With Zehan’s panel roll forming process, you can obtain the required metal parts in a cost-effective manner. Our roll forming process has decades of experience in the field of custom metal fabrication. 

We attach importance to experienced professional and technical personnel, invest heavily in advanced equipment every year, and adhere to the principle of serving customers wholeheartedly, strictly testing to ensure product quality. 

All these factors enable us to always maintain a leading position in the same industry, and continuously provide stable and high-quality metal parts to customers all over the world. Contact us now to get free and fast quotation service.

What is Panel Roll Forming

The panel roll forming process is a continuous cycle process. First, putting the metal panel into the machine. Multiple sets of rollers in the machine will exert a certain force to the long strip of sheet metal to change its shape, and bending or forming it into a continuous cross-section until the desired section of the final product is obtained.

Benefits Of Panel Roll Forming

1.Low Waste

The reject rate of work materials in the panel roll forming process is very low. Compared with other forming processes, it can make more effective use of materials to save materials. In addition, roll forming machines are very energy-saving, as the process does not consume energy to heat the material.

2.High Production

The production efficiency of the roll forming process is high, and the roll forming operation can be easily repeated at a high speed. It is extremely beneficial to the demand for annual production of large quantities of metal parts or long size and fixed-shape parts, and also brings the most considerable economic benefits.

3.Better Forming Effect

Compared with other metal forming processes, the panel rolling forming process has distinct advantages. The parts made by the roll forming process are lighter, the wall is thinner, the surface finish is better, the strength is higher, the quality is more stable, the process is faster, and the energy consumption is less.

4.High Precision

The panel roll forming process can manufacture custom, precise and standardized metal parts. During the machining process, the size of the metal panel can be better controlled, and the processing personnel can also accurately modify some detailed specifications of the workpiece. Additionally, the operation process has high repeatability, which can guarantee the tight tolerance of the parts to the maximum extent.

Selection of raw materials

The panel roll forming process is a cold forging process. There are many materials that can be roll formed. The more ductile the material, the better the rolling effect. The main work materials are nonferrous metals, low carbon steel, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, aluminized steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

Advantages of our services

Quick Quotation

Zehan provides free quotation service for customers. As long as you upload your product design drawings and detailed specifications of parts, our professional sales staff will send you product quotations by email within a few hours.

Rich Experience

We have accumulated decades of experience in the field of panel roll forming, and handled a large number of projects every year. Therefore, we are confident to provide the best experience and guarantee for your projects.

Professional Team

Our engineers and personnel from other departments have decades of experience in the industry. They are very willing to satisfy all the client needs and can easily handle any work scale.

Full Inspection

An important reason why our custom metal manufacturing service is superior to other companies in the same industry is that we always adhere to the strict quality inspection system. In order to ensure the quality of your products, we carefully test the product quality in every production process.

Panel Roll Forming FAQ

For the panel roll forming process, firstly, the sheet metal that meeting the specification requirements shall be placed at the entrance of the machine to be supported on the uncoiler, and then the material becomes bent through a series of rollers until it is finally formed into the desired shape.

Compared with other companies in the same industry, Zehan has more experience in the field of panel roll forming, and has production lines certified by ISO 9001:2015, as well as a professional team, advanced technology and equipment, considerate services, strict quality assurance and more, which makes us stand out in this field.

Of course, in order to better present your products, our experienced engineers will provide design optimization solutions according to your project.

Once our order is confirmed, the product can be delivered in about two to eight weeks, the specific speed depends on the complexity of the product.

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