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Press Brake

press brake services

Equipped with the press brake, metal manufacturers are better able to meet customers’ stringent requirements for products. Zehan’s metal processing line is not only certified by ISO 9001: 2015, but also possessed advanced bending machines and professional operators. 

With decades of processing experience and strict quality inspection system, our precision parts are widely sold overseas and highly praised. Contact us, you can instantly get the best service and the most satisfactory products.

What is Press Brake

A press brake is a mechanical manufacturing equipment that applies for sheet metal bending and forming. 

It forms the desired bends by lowering the punch onto the workpiece that fixed on the die, according to the molds with various shapes and bending angles. 

Whereupon metal sheets that can meet different specifications needs for customers can be mass-produced.

selection of raw materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and other metal materials can be bent by the press brake.


benefits of press brake

1.Short Turnaround Times

Equipping with press brake in the metal manufacturing industry can greatly improve the efficiency of metal processing projects to achieve the effect of reducing delivery time and meeting customer expectations.

2.Less Material Wastage

Under the control of computer programs, press brake can make metal sheets into precise workpieces through simple and effective processing techniques such as bending and cutting, thus the machine can make full use of materials in this process to reduce waste.


With the CNC technique, press brake can realize a high degree of automation in the metal sheet machining process, thereby improving production efficiency, promoting production capacity, reducing production costs and ensuring the good quality of workpieces for manufacturers and customers.

4.Material Universality

Press brake is capable of bending a variety of sheet metals for any size and different thickness.

Advantages of our services

Tight Fabrication Tolerance

General fabrication tolerance is ±.005” for formed parts, ±.002” feature to feature.

Short Lead Times

Our delivery time is usually 2 to 8 weeks, most of the time on the transportation.

Quality Assurance

All parts must undergo professional and strict inspection at every step in the processing process.

Expert Optimization Suggestions

Our experts will provide you with professional optimized advice on the machines you need.

press brake FAQ

In the process of bending, the metal material is fixed on a specific lower die, then the upper die moves down and applies pressure to the workpiece to form the required bend. The press brake machine can meet the requirements of various workpieces for shape and bending angle by replacing the bending machine die.

We handle the materials in the workshop certified by ISO 9001:2015. More importantly, in the whole process of machining, the sophisticated inspection engineers will strictly test the quality and performance of the products with various inspection equipment to ensure bending products’ quality .

In order to help you manufacture higher quality products and let you get a satisfactory order experience in Zehan, our skilled team are wiling to communicate with you on product design and support you with free design optimization services.

As long as you upload your drawings and state your specific demand, we can offer quick quotation within 24 hours. Look forward to your inquiry.

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